A Network of Specialists

The HUF Group

StilArt is part of the HUF Group network of companies.

The broad spectrum of specialists in this network of companies gives clients the peace of mind of knowing that a HUF construction will be in capable hands across the entire service chain from start to finish.

Comprehensive Service Portfolio

Each company in the HUF Group can look back on many years of experience in their specific field, and has been contributing to the continuing success of the innovative and unique style of the HUF network of providers.

Each of the companies is successful in their own right in each specific market segment beyond their group affiliation with HUF HAUS. Each client can therefore rest assured that he will have access to a wide variety of expert services, and can always expect the very best support and advice - even without being the owner of a HUF HAUS construction.

The Companies of the HUF Group

Looking for landscaping, interior decoration with premium quaility furniture and decorations, or financial services and basement construction? HUF HAUS works hand in hand with specialists in every field as part of their own group of companies. Always with the benefit of the client in mind!