StilART Furniture for HUF HAUS

StilART is the ideal partner for those, who wish to carry on the unique architecure of a HUF HAUS construction in its interior. The close partnership between StilART and HUF HAUS offers the owner of a HUF construction a unique spectrum of special benefits:

  • Close cooperation between StilART and HUF HAUS architects and consultants.
  • Detailed support within the scope of the outfitting specs at
  • Design, equipment and colour spectrum in accordance with client preferences and in harmony with the HUF HAUS construction.
  • Installation in strict compliance with the construction schedule at the HUF construction site.
  • Uninterrupted warranty security, as no third-party contractors are involved.
  • One-stop, competent advice: furniture, kitchens and lighting concepts for HUF constructions.
  • Expansions and extensions to the house can be added years after completion with the support of the HUF Service Department WMA (value retention, modernisation, extensions and remodeling).