The Company

The company StilART based in Königswinter-Oberpleis, Germany is a furniture manufacturer which, for many years now, has specialised in the production of customised items of furniture of the highest possible quality as well as careful and perfect assembly on site.

We are continuously making intelligent investments in the state-of-the-art plant in our on-site production halls. The latest addition is the automatic paint shop which features a drying line and exclusively processes water-based paints. As such, a consistently high-quality finish which does not give off fumes can be guaranteed. While using a high percentage of precision CNC manufacturing, we are still passionate about manual craftsmanship; every carcass is tailor-made and showcases our attention to detail and pride in the final product.

Individual concepts made to measure

1. Tailored solutions

All StilART items of furniture are designed and tailor made in close consultation with you to meet your exact requirements. From the designers' initial draft through to professional assembly, StilART acts as your expert and reliable partner, and is committed to helping you find the solution which you desire.

2. Consultation/Planning

In consultation with you, our consultants develop ideas to turn your wishes into reality. This means your specific concepts are taken into account and are implemented in terms of both form and function. To help give you a better idea, we can create a 3D visualisation on request. This serves as a basis for the final planning of the furniture and gives you a glimpse of the finished design. The next step involves work preparation and production.

3. Production

The high-quality StilART items of furniture are produced in our carpentry in Oberpleis applying the rules of traditional craftsmanship and using state-of-the-art equipment. We only use high-quality materials. In addition to timber these include, for example, natural stone, ceramic, stainless steel, glass and Corian. This results in exclusive one-offs which are sure to impress thanks to their high-quality, detailed finishing; pieces which will be a source of pleasure for years to come.

4. Assembly

Following mutual agreement, our staff come to your home with the carefully produced pieces of furniture and guarantee exacting assembly to meet the highest standards for craftsmanship.

The HUF Group

StilART is a company of the HUF Group and is also successful on the market beyond its cooperation with HUF HAUS. This ensures that services and prices always remain competitive.

HUF customers benefit from the specialists from the individual companies within the Group who boast many years of experience with HUF HAUS' innovative architecture.

More information on the HUF Groupand prefab houses and costs.

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