Meetingpoint Kitchen

The kitchen – the beating heart of the home! Whether as the family control centre or as the workplace for ambitious wanna-be chefs. Today, kitchens fulfill a whole host of functions and are no longer just a place to cook. You choose whether the electrical appliances should be operated conventionally or with the aid of automatic programs. We help you to select the devices with satisfy the functions you need exactly.

With all our kitchens we set particular store by a harmonious design and perfect integration in the existing living structure. You select the shapes, colours, materials and functions to suit your tastes for your customised StilART kitchen. This can take the form of a large cooking island, a counter for socialising, open glass cabinets or a minimalist handle-free look.

Together we find out what kind of kitchen suits your lifestyle best and which materials best match your requirements and tastes.

For ambitious wanna-be chefs

Inspiration by StilART

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